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    Model 101A Lithium-Ion Battery Simulator

    Battery Simulator with Variable ESR Response

    ESR Calculation Table for ESR Verification

    Model 101A Calibration Certificate Sample


Installation and Usage Guides:

    Model 200 BATSIM Hardware Software Installation Instructions

    Model 200 BATSIM Software Operation

    Troubleshooting Guide for DAQ

    Flash Video of Basic Operation (3.4MB)


Software and Updates:

    BATSIM.exe (note: will only run on Model 101 hardware)

        Currently only on Installation DVD


Battery Voltage and ESR Curves: (both voltage and esr curves needed to properly simulate a battery)

    The installation DVD comes with the following curves:

        140mAHr Lithium-Ion secondary cell (used in light current devices)

        1300mAHr Lithium-Ion secondary cell (used in PDA style medium current devices)

        6500mAHr Lithium-Ion secondary cell (used in higher current devices)

        "Copper Colored" Alkaline AA/AAA primary cell - X1/X2/X3 cells

        Kirkland Alkaline AA/AAA primary cell- X1/X2/X3 cells

        Panasonic Alkaline AA/AAA primary cell - X1/X2/X3 cells

        Tenergy NiMH AA secondary cell - two curves each V & ESR

        Tenergy NiCad AA secondary cell - two curves each V & ESR

        Many more available on request...

(Disclaimer: GRAE Instrumentation is not affiliated or endorsed by the above mentioned battery companies. While we try to generate accurate voltage/ESR/Joules data, the curves provided are to be used at your own risk. They may not provide the same performance as the actual batteries you obtain from your sources. If needed, enquire regarding our battery test services which can provide an "averaged" or "new/old" set of curves derived from your provided batteries.)


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